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RIDGEFIELD: Steeped In History


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Steeped in history, the town of Ridgefield played an important part in America's past.  Beginning as a 20,000-acre parcel bought from the Rampapoo Indians in 1708, the town has a rich heritage.  On April 27, 1777, American troops commanded by Benedict Arnold fought the British at Ridgefield.

Historic landmarks are abound in Ridgefield.  The restored Keeler Tavern, located on Main Street, is now a museum illustrating Ridgefield's Revolutionary War period.

The Remington House, designed by Frederick Remington (1861-1909), was the home of the famous artist for a brief period before his death.  Remington documented the life of the post-Civil Was West with his realistic paintings.  Weir Farm, also in Ridgefield, is registered as a National Historical Site.

Another historical building is the First Congregational Church of Ridgefield, founded almost 300 years ago, before the separation of Church and State.  The church was the governing agency and taxing authority of the town of Ridgefield.  In 1979, the church house burned to the ground, but within a year, the structure was fully funded and rebuild as a tribute to its history.

Over the years, Ridgefield has developed into a primarily residential community with some commercial activity.  An assortment of shops and restaurants, as well as professional offices can be found along its main streets.

Known for it excellent educational system, Ridgefield has its eyes on the future.
Note: Updated March 2015

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