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NEW FAIRFIELD: A Lakeside Town


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New Fairfield Center, at the intersection of Routes 37 and 39, is the heart of this well-known residential community.  Convenient retail businesses and professional services are centrally located and close to its town hall, library, and post office.

Both the New Fairfield Jaycees and the New Fairfield Historical Society have made great contributions to this idyllic and historic area.

In 1724, a dozen citizens of Fairfield met with Squantz, Chief of the Schaghticoke Indians, and agreed on terms of purchase for this 32,000-acre tract for the equivalent of $300.00.  Originally two miles wider, the territory had been narrowed by cession from Connecticut to New York in a boundary accord of 1683.  Due to its great length, the Town was divided roughly in half in 1802 when the northern portion separated to form the Town of Sherman.

In 1926 the Connecticut Light and Power Company approved a plan to create a lake and use its water to produce electricity.  It took only 26 months to return the valley into Candlewood Lake.  The lake's beauty and charm have drawn vacationers to new Fairfield ever since.
Note: Updated March 2015

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